@conference {getoor:kdd13, title = {Entity Resolution in Big Data}, booktitle = {KDD}, year = {2013}, note = {Slides: http://www.umiacs.umd.edu/~getoor/Tutorials/ER_KDD2013.pdf}, abstract = {

Entity resolution (ER), the problem of extracting, matching and resolving entity mentions in structured and unstructured data, is a long-standing challenge in database management, information retrieval, machine learning, natural language processing and statistics. Accurate and fast entity resolution has huge practical implications in a wide variety of commercial, scientific and security domains. Despite the long history of work on entity resolution, there is still a surprising diversity of approaches, and lack of guiding theory. Meanwhile, in the age of big data, the need for high quality entity resolution is growing, as we are inundated with more and more data, all of which needs to be integrated, aligned and matched, before further utility can be extracted. In this tutorial, we bring together perspectives on entity resolution from a variety of fields, including databases, information retrieval, natural language processing and machine learning, to provide, in one setting, a survey of a large body of work. We discuss both the practical aspects and theoretical underpinnings of ER. We describe existing solutions, current challenges and open research problems. In addition to giving attendees a thorough understanding of existing ER models, algorithms and evaluation methods, the tutorial will cover important research topics such as scalable ER, active and lightly supervised ER, and query-driven ER.

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