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We address the problem of searching camera network videos to retrieve frames containing specified individuals.We show the benefit of utilizing a learned probabilistic model that captures dependencies among the cameras. Inaddition, we develop an active inference framework that can request human input at inference time, directing human attention to the portions of the videos whose correct annotation would provide the biggest performance improvements. Our primary contribution is to show that by mappingvideo frames in a camera network onto a graphical model,we can apply collective classification and active inference algorithms to significantly increase the performance of the retrieval system, while minimizing the number of human annotations required.

}, author = {Chen Daozheng and Bilgic Mustafa and Lise Getoor and Jacobs David and Mihalkova Lilyana and Yeh Tom} } @article {chen:pami11, title = {Dynamic Processing Allocation in Video}, journal = {PAMI}, volume = {33}, number = {11}, year = {2011}, pages = {2174-2187}, abstract = {

Large stores of digital video pose severe computational challenges to existing video analysis algorithms. In applying these algorithms, users must often trade off processing speed for accuracy, as many sophisticated and effective algorithms require large computational resources that make it impractical to apply them throughout long videos. One can save considerable effort by applying these expensive algorithms sparingly, directing their application using the results of more limited processing. We show how to do this for retrospective video analysis by modeling a video using a chain graphical model and performing inference both to analyze the video and to direct processing. We apply our method to problems in background subtraction and face detection, and show in experiments that this leads to significant improvements over baseline algorithms.

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