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Piatetsky-Shapiro, G. et al. Is there a grand challenge or X-prize for data mining?. 12th International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (2006).
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Arti, R., Jaebong, Y., Shitian, S., Getoor, L. & Jihie, K. User Role Prediction in Online Discussion Forums using Probabilistic Soft Logic. NeuRIPS Workshop on PE (2012).PDF icon ramesh-pe11.pdf (40.65 KB)
Kouki, P., Schaffer, J., Pujara, J., ODonovan, J. & Getoor, L. User Preferences for Hybrid Explanations. 11th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (RecSys) (2017).PDF icon kouki-recsys17.pdf (2.64 MB)
Bhattacharya, I., Getoor, L. & Bengio, Y. Unsupervised Sense Disambiguation using Bilingual Probabilistic Models. Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) (2004).PDF icon acl04.pdf (156.26 KB)
Kumar, S. et al. Unsupervised Models for Predicting Strategic Relations between Organizations. ASONAM (2016).PDF icon kumar-asonam16.pdf (212.61 KB)
Bach, S. H., Huang, B. & Getoor, L. Unifying Local Consistency and MAX SAT Relaxations for Scalable Inference with Rounding Guarantees. Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS) (2015).PDF icon bach-aistats15.pdf (345.2 KB)
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Ramesh, A., Rodriguez, M. & Getoor, L. Understanding Influence in Online Professional Networks. NIPS Workshop on Networks in Social and Information Sciences (2015).PDF icon ramesh-nipsws15.pdf (211.44 KB)
Tomkins, S. & Getoor, L. Understanding Hybrid-MOOC Effectiveness with a Collective Socio-Behavioral Model. JEDM 11, 42--77 (2019).PDF icon tomkins-jedm19.pdf (679.09 KB)
Ramesh, A. & Getoor, L. Understanding Evolution of Long-running MOOCs. International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering (WISE) (2018).
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Augustine, E., Rekatsinas, T. & Getoor, L. Tractable Probabilistic Reasoning Through Effective Grounding. ICML Workshop on TPM (2019).PDF icon augustine-tpm19.pdf (224.8 KB)
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Zheleva, E. & Getoor, L. To Join or not to Join: The Illusion of Privacy in Social Networks with Mixed Public and Private User Profiles. 18th International World Wide Web conference (WWW) (2009).PDF icon fp660-zheleva.pdf (538.92 KB)
Zheleva, E. & Getoor, L. To Join or not to Join: The Illusion of Privacy in Social Networks with Mixed Public and Private User Profiles. The Web Conference (WWW) (University of Maryland, 2009).PDF icon zheleva-cs-tr4926.pdf (366.68 KB)
London, B., Huang, B. & Getoor, L. The Benefits of Learning with Strongly Convex Approximate Inference. ICML (2015).PDF icon london-icml15.pdf (788.06 KB)
Srinivasan, S., Augustine, E. & Getoor, L. Tandem Inference: An Out-of-Core Streaming Algorithm For Very Large-Scale Relational Inference. Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (2020).PDF icon srinivasan-aaai20b.pdf (506.62 KB)
Panagiotis, P., Panayiotis, T., Ariel, F. & Getoor, L. TACI: Taxonomy-Aware Catalog Integration. TKDE 25, (2012).PDF icon papadimitriou-tkde12.pdf (2.93 MB)
Tomkins, S., Isley, S., London, B. & Getoor, L. Sustainability at Scale: Bridging the Intention-Behavior Gap with Sustainable Recommendations. Recommender Systems (RecSys) (2018).PDF icon recsys_2018.pdf (655.92 KB)
Somasundaran, S., Namata, G. Mark, Wiebe, J. & Getoor, L. Supervised and Unsupervised Methods in Employing Discourse Relations for Improving Opinion Polarity Classification. Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (2009).PDF icon somasundaran-emnlp09.pdf (390.93 KB)
Moustafa, W. Eldin, Kimmig, A., Deshpande, A. & Getoor, L. Subgraph Pattern Matching over Uncertain Graphs with Identity Linkage Uncertainty. International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE) (2014).PDF icon ICDE14_conf_full_374.pdf (1.57 MB)
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Zhang, Y., Ramesh, A., Golbeck, J., Sridhar, D. & Getoor, L. A Structured Approach to Understanding Recovery and Relapse in AA. The Web Conference (WWW) (2018). at <>PDF icon zhang-www18.pdf (800.66 KB)
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London, B., Huang, B. & Getoor, L. On the Strong Convexity of Variational Inference. NIPS Workshop on Advances in Variational Inference (2014).PDF icon london-nips14ws.pdf (253.72 KB)
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Hossam, S., Lisa, S., Getoor, L. & Janet, M. Stability vs. Diversity: Understanding the Dynamics of Actors in Time-varying Affiliation Networks. ICSI (2012).PDF icon sharara-icsi12.pdf (307.98 KB)
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London, B., Huang, B. & Getoor, L. Stability and Generalization in Structured Prediction. Journal of Machine Learning Research 17, (2016).PDF icon london-jmlr17.pdf (532.8 KB)
Islamaj, R., Getoor, L., W. Wilbur, J. & Mount, S. SplicePort - An interactive splice-site analysis tool. Nucleic Acids Research (2007).PDF icon dogan-nar.pdf (1.34 MB)