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M. Bilgic, Licamele, L., Getoor, L., and Shneiderman, B., D-Dupe: An Interactive Tool for Entity Resolution in Social Networks, in Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST), Baltimore, 2006.
M. Bilgic, Licamele, L., Getoor, L., and Shneiderman, B., D-Dupe: An Interactive Tool for Entity Resolution in Social Networks, in International Symposium on Graph Drawing, 2005, vol. 3843, pp. 505–507.PDF icon ddupe.pdf (224.93 KB)
S. Fakhraei, Onukwugha, E., and Getoor, L., Data Analytics for Pharmaceutical Discoveries, 1st ed., vol. 1. CRC Press, 2015, p. 1--25.PDF icon fakhraei-book15.pdf (234.2 KB)
S. H. Bach, Broecheler, M., Kok, S., and Getoor, L., Decision-Driven Models with Probabilistic Soft Logic, in NIPS Workshop on Predictive Models in Personalized Medicine, 2010.PDF icon bach-pmpm10.pdf (246.79 KB)
W. Moustafa, Namata, G., Deshpande, A., and Getoor, L., Declarative Analysis of Noisy Information Networks, in ICDE Workshop on GDM, 2011.PDF icon moustafa-gdm11.pdf (1.55 MB)
I. Bhattacharya and Getoor, L., Deduplication and Group Detection using Links, in ACM SIGKDD Workshop on Link Analysis and Group Detection (LinkKDD), 2004.PDF icon bhattacharyakdd04-whskp.pdf (231.67 KB)
S. Tomkins, Getoor, L., Chen, Y., and Zhang, Y., Detecting Cyber-bullying from Sparse Data and Inconsistent Labels, in Learning with Limited Labeled Data (LLD) NIPS Workshop, 2017.PDF icon tomkins-NIPSLLD17.pdf (286.95 KB)
H. Sharara, Rand, W., and Getoor, L., Differential Adaptive Diffusion: Understanding Diversity and Learning whom to Trust in Viral Marketing, in ICWSM, 2011.PDF icon sharara-aaai11.pdf (646.6 KB)
S. Tomkins, Pujara, J., and Getoor, L., Disambiguating Energy Disaggregation: A Collective Probabilistic Approach, in International Joint Conference on Artifi cial Intelligence, 2017.PDF icon tomkins-ijcai17.pdf (373.28 KB)
V. Barash, Smith, M., Getoor, L., and Welser, H., Distinguishing Knowledge vs Social Capital in Social Media with Roles and Context, in International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media, 2009.PDF icon barash-icwsm09.pdf (171.16 KB)
S. Fakhraei, Raschid, L., and Getoor, L., Drug-Target Interaction Prediction for Drug Repurposing with Probabilistic Similarity Logic, in KDD Workshop on BIOKDD, 2013.PDF icon fakhraei-biokdd13.pdf (669.27 KB)
G. Mark Namata, Staats, B., Getoor, L., and Shneiderman, B., A Dual-View Approach to Interactive Network Visualization, in ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, 2007.PDF icon cikm0671-namata.pdf (376.54 KB)
C. Daozheng, Mustafa, B., Getoor, L., and David, J., Dynamic Processing Allocation in Video, PAMI, vol. 33, pp. 2174-2187, 2011.PDF icon chen-pami11.pdf (1.16 MB)
H. Sharara, Singh, L., Getoor, L., and Mann, J., The Dynamics of Actor Loyalty to Groups in Affiliation Networks, in International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining, 2009.PDF icon sharara_asonam09.pdf (446.61 KB)