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Srinivasan, S., Rao, N. S., Subbaian, K. & Getoor, L. Identifying Facet Mismatches In Search Via Micrographs. CIKM (2019).PDF icon srinivasan-cikm19.pdf (887.06 KB)
Namata, G. Mark & Getoor, L. Identifying Graphs From Noisy and Incomplete Data. 1st ACM SIGKDD Workshop on Knowledge Discovery from Uncertain Data (2009).PDF icon namatag-kddu09.pdf (241.7 KB)
Tomkins, S., Farnadi, G., Amantullah, B., Getoor, L. & Minton, S. The Impact of Environmental Stressors on Human Trafficking. Beyond Online Data (ICWSM Workshop) (2018).PDF icon icdm_2018.pdf (473.58 KB)
Tomkins, S., Farnadi, G., Amantullah, B., Getoor, L. & Minton, S. The Impact of Environmental Stressors on Human Trafficking. International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM) (2018).PDF icon icdm_2018.pdf (473.58 KB)
London, B., Huang, B. & Getoor, L. Improved Generalization Bounds for Large-scale Structured Prediction. NIPS Workshop on Algorithmic and Statistical Approaches for Large Social Networks (2012).PDF icon london-nips12ws.pdf (213.95 KB)
Minton, S. et al. Improving Classifier Performance by Autonomously Collecting Background Knowledge from the Web. Tenth International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (2011).PDF icon minton-icmla2011.pdf (733.09 KB)
Singh, L. & Getoor, L. Increasing the predictive power of affiliation networks. IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin 30, (2007).PDF icon singh.pdf (87.94 KB)
Schnaitter, K., Polyzotis, N. & Getoor, L. Index Interactions in Physical Design Tuning: Modeling, Analysis, and Applications. International Conference on Very Large Data Bases (2009).PDF icon schnaitter-vldb09.pdf (743.29 KB)
Licamele, L. & Getoor, L. Indirect two-sided relative ranking: a robust similarity measure for gene expression data. BMC Bioinformatics (2010).
Namata, G. Mark, Getoor, L. & Diehl, C. Inferring Organizational Titles in Online Communications. ICML Workshop on Statistical Network Analysis (2006).PDF icon icml2006_ExtAbst.pdf (72.39 KB)
Kang, H., Getoor, L., Shneiderman, B., Bilgic, M. & Licamele, L. Interactive Entity Resolution in Relational Data: A Visual Analytic Tool and Its Evaluation. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 14, 999–1014 (2008).PDF icon kang-tvcg08.pdf (3.63 MB)
Ramesh, A., Goldwasser, D., Huang, B., Daume, III, H. & Getoor, L. Interpretable Engagement Models for MOOCs using Hinge-loss Markov Random Fields. TLT 14, 1-1 (2019).PDF icon ramesh-tlt19.pdf (4.3 MB)
Getoor, L. An Introduction to Probabilistic Graphical Models for Relational Data. Data Engineering Bulletin 29, (2006).
Getoor, L. & Taskar, B. Introduction to Statistical Relational Learning. (The MIT Press, 2007).
Bhattacharya, I. & Getoor, L. Iterative Record Linkage for Cleaning and Integration. ACM SIGMOD Workshop on Research Issues in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (DMKD) (2004).PDF icon bhattacharyasigmod04-wkshp.pdf (222.38 KB)