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Sridhar, D., Pujara, J. & Getoor, L. Scalable Probabilistic Causal Structure Discovery. International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (2018). at <>PDF icon sridhar-ijcai18.pdf (281.32 KB)
Embar, V., Sridhar, D., Farnadi, G. & Getoor, L. Scalable Structure Learning for Probabilistic Soft Logic. Workshop on Statistical Relational AI (2018).PDF icon VEmbar-StarAI2018.pdf (400.23 KB)
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Tomkins, S., Getoor, L., Chen, Y. & Zhang, Y. A Socio-linguistic Model for Cyberbullying Detection. International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM) (2018).PDF icon tomkins-asonam18.pdf (299.34 KB)
Farnadi, G., Bach, S. H., Moens, M. - F., Getoor, L. & De Cock, M. Soft quantification in statistical relational learning. Machine Learning Journal (2017).PDF icon farnadi-mlj17.pdf (1.24 MB)
Rekatsinas, T. et al. SourceSeer: Forecasting Rare Disease Outbreaks Using Multiple Data Sources. 2015 SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM15) (SIAM, 2015).PDF icon rekatsinasSDM2015.pdf (303.08 KB)
Rekatsinas, T., Deshpande, A., Dong, X. Luna, Getoor, L. & Srivastava, D. SourceSight: Enabling Effective Source Selection. ACM SIGMOD Conference (2016).PDF icon modde087.pdf (799.94 KB)
Pujara, J., Augustine, E. & Getoor, L. Sparsity and Noise: Where Knowledge Graph Embeddings Fall Short. Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP) (2017). at <>PDF icon pujara-emnlp17.pdf (677.74 KB)
Islamaj, R., Getoor, L., W. Wilbur, J. & Mount, S. SplicePort - An interactive splice-site analysis tool. Nucleic Acids Research (2007).PDF icon dogan-nar.pdf (1.34 MB)
London, B., Huang, B. & Getoor, L. Stability and Generalization in Structured Prediction. (2015).PDF icon london-stability15.pdf (532.16 KB)
London, B., Huang, B. & Getoor, L. Stability and Generalization in Structured Prediction. Journal of Machine Learning Research 17, (2016).PDF icon london-jlmr17.pdf (532.8 KB)
London, B. On the Stability of Structured Prediction. (2015).PDF icon blondon-thesis.pdf (1.16 MB)
Sharara, H., Singh, L., Getoor, L. & Mann, J. Stability vs. Diversity: Understanding the Dynamics of Actors in Time-varying Affiliation Networks. ASE International Conference on Social Informatics (2012).PDF icon stability.pdf (307.98 KB)
Zheleva, E., Guiver, J., Rodrigues, E. Mendes & Milic-Frayling, N. Statistical Models of Music-listening Sessions in Social Media. 19th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW) (2010).PDF icon wfp0858-zheleva.pdf (612.42 KB)
Farnadi, G. et al. Statistical Relational Learning with Soft Quantifiers. International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming (ILP) (2015).PDF icon farnadi-ilp15.pdf (578.43 KB)
London, B., Huang, B. & Getoor, L. On the Strong Convexity of Variational Inference. NIPS Workshop on Advances in Variational Inference (2014).PDF icon london-nips14ws.pdf (253.72 KB)
Getoor, L. Structure Discovery Using Statistical Relational Learning. Data Engineering Bulletin 26, 11- -18 (2003).
Zhang, Y., Ramesh, A., Golbeck, J., Sridhar, D. & Getoor, L. A Structured Approach to Understanding Recovery and Relapse in AA. The Web Conference (WWW) (2018). at <>PDF icon zhang-www18.pdf (800.66 KB)
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Moustafa, W. Eldin, Kimmig, A., Deshpande, A. & Getoor, L. Subgraph Pattern Matching over Uncertain Graphs with Identity Linkage Uncertainty. International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE) (2014).PDF icon ICDE14_conf_full_374.pdf (1.57 MB)
Somasundaran, S., Namata, G. Mark, Wiebe, J. & Getoor, L. Supervised and Unsupervised Methods in Employing Discourse Relations for Improving Opinion Polarity Classification. Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (2009).PDF icon somasundaran-emnlp09.pdf (390.93 KB)
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Tomkins, S., Isley, S., London, B. & Getoor, L. Sustainability at Scale: Bridging the Intention-Behavior Gap with Sustainable Recommendations. Recommender Systems (RecSys) (2018).PDF icon recsys_2018.pdf (655.92 KB)