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Zheleva, E. Prediction, Evolution and Privacy in Social and Affiliation Networks. (2011).PDF icon zheleva-phdthesis11.pdf (5.81 MB)
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Tomkins, S., Ramesh, A. & Getoor, L. Predicting Post-Test Performance from Online Student Behavior: A High School MOOC Case Study. EDM (2016).PDF icon tomkins-edm16.pdf (619.77 KB)
Rastegari, M., Choi, J., Fakhraei, S., III, H. Daume & Davis, L. Predictable Dual-View Hashing. Proceedings of the 30th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML-13) 1328–1336 (JMLR, 2013).PDF icon rastegari13.pdf (2.35 MB)
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Kouki, P., Schaffer, J., Pujara, J., Odonovan, J. & Getoor, L. Personalized Explanations for Hybrid Recommender Systems. IUI (2019).PDF icon kouki-iui19.pdf (3.34 MB)
Elsayed, T., Oard, D., Namata, G. Mark & Getoor, L. Personal Name Resolution in Email: A Heuristic Approach. (2008).PDF icon LAMP_150.pdf (397.61 KB)
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London, B., Huang, B., Taskar, B. & Getoor, L. PAC-Bayes Generalization Bounds for Randomized Structured Prediction. NIP Workshop on Perturbation, Optimization and Statistics (2013).PDF icon london-nips13ws.pdf (205.57 KB)
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Ramesh, A., Rodriguez, M. & Getoor, L. Multi-relational influence models for online professional networks. International Conference on Web Intelligence (ICWI) 291-298 (ACM, 2017).PDF icon ramesh-icwi17.pdf (761.17 KB)
London, B., Rekatsinas, T., Huang, B. & Getoor, L. Multi-relational Weighted Tensor Decomposition. NIPS Workshop on SL (2012).PDF icon london-sl12.pdf (326.3 KB)
London, B., Rekatsinas, T., Huang, B. & Getoor, L. Multi-relational Learning Using Weighted Tensor Decomposition with Modular Loss. (2013).PDF icon mrwtd.pdf (460.45 KB)
Getoor, L. Multi-relational Data Mining Using Probabilistic Models. Multi-Relational Data Mining Workshop (2001).PDF icon mrdm.pdf (109.57 KB)
Sharara, H., Halgin, D., Getoor, L. & Borgatti, S. Multi-dimensional Trajectory Analysis for Career Histories. International Sunbelt Social Networks Conference (Sunbelt XXXI) (2011).
Ramesh, A., Goldwasser, D., Huang, B., III, H. Daume & Getoor, L. Modeling Learner Engagement in MOOCs using Probabilistic Soft Logic. NIPS Workshop on Data Driven Education (2013).PDF icon ramesh-nipsws13.pdf (153.92 KB)
Saha, B. & Getoor, L. On Maximum Coverage in the Streaming Model & Application to Multi-topic Blog-Watch. 2009 SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM09) (2009).PDF icon saha-sdm08.pdf (233.12 KB)
Augustine, E. & Farnadi, G. MLTrain: Collective Reasoning With Probabilistic Soft Logic. (2018). at <>PDF icon MLTrain - UAI 2018.pdf (8.93 MB)
Rekatsinas, T., Deshpande, A. & Getoor, L. Local Structure and Determinism in Probabilistic Databases. SIGMOD (2012).PDF icon rekatsinas-sigmod12.pdf (490.28 KB)
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Bilgic, M. & Getoor, L. Link-based Active Learning. NIPS Workshop on Analyzing Networks and Learning with Graphs (2009).PDF icon mbilgic-nips09wkshp.pdf (116.35 KB)
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Mihalkova, L. & Getoor, L. Lifted Graphical Models: A Survey. (2011).PDF icon 1107.4966v2.pdf (446.54 KB)
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