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Hossam, S., Getoor, L. & Myra, N. Active Surveying: A Probabilistic Approach for Identifying Key Opinion Leaders. IJCAI (2011).PDF icon sharara-ijcai11.pdf (349.39 KB)
Sharara, H., Getoor, L. & Norton, M. Active Surveying. NIPS Workshop on Networks Across Disciplines in Theory and Applications (2010).
Bilgic, M., Mihalkova, L. & Getoor, L. Active Learning for Networked Data. Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML-10) (2010).PDF icon bilgic-icml10.pdf (515.65 KB)
Sharara, H., Getoor, L. & Norton, M. An Active Learning Approach for Identifying Key Opinion Leaders. The 2nd Workshop on Information in Networks (WIN) (2010).
Daozheng, C. et al. Active Inference for Retrieval in Camera Networks. IEEE Workshop on Person-Oriented Vision (2011).PDF icon chen-wpov11.pdf (1.53 MB)
Bilgic, M. & Getoor, L. Active Inference for Collective Classification. Twenty-Fourth Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI NECTAR Track) 1652–1655 (2010).PDF icon bilgic-aaai10.pdf (387.53 KB)
Grycner, A., Weikum, G., Pujara, J., Foulds, J. & Getoor, L. A Unified Probabilistic Approach for Semantic Clustering of Relational Phrases. NeurIPS (2014).
Namata, G., Sharara, H. & Getoor, L. A Survey of Link Mining Tasks for Analyzing Noisy and Incomplete Networks. Link Mining: Models, Algorithms, and Applications 1, 107--133 (Springer, 2010).PDF icon namata-book10.pdf (656.83 KB)
Kimmig, A., Bach, S., Broecheler, M., Huang, B. & Getoor, L. A Short Introduction to Probabilistic Soft Logic. NIPS Workshop on PPFA (2012).PDF icon kimming-ppfa12.pdf (164.6 KB)
Ramesh, A. A Probabilistic Approach to Modeling Socio-Behavioral Interactions. (2016).PDF icon ramesh-thesis16.pdf (865.41 KB)
Sridhar, D., Fakhraei, S. & Getoor, L. A Probabilistic Approach for Collective Similarity-based Drug-Drug Interaction Prediction. Bioinformatics 32, (2016).PDF icon sridhar-bioinformatics16.pdf (1.94 MB)
Huang, B., Kimmig, A., Getoor, L. & Golbeck, J. A Flexible Framework for Probabilistic Models of Social Trust. SBP (2013).PDF icon huang-sbp13.pdf (247.2 KB)
Islamaj, R., Getoor, L. & Wilbur, J. A Feature Generation Algorithm with Applications to Biological Sequence Classification. Computational Methods of Feature Selection 1, 355--376 (Chapman and Hall/CRC Press, 2008).PDF icon islamaj-book08.pdf (3.09 MB)
Farnadi, G., Kouki, P., Thompson, S. K., Srinivasan, S. & Getoor, L. A Fairness-aware Hybrid Recommender System. RecSys Workshop on FATREC (2018).PDF icon farnadi-fatrec18.pdf (474.04 KB)
Farnadi, G., Babaki, B. & Getoor, L. A Declarative Approach to Fairness in Relational Domains. TCDE-Bulletin 42, 36--48 (2019).PDF icon farnadi-de19.pdf (365.14 KB)
Augustine, E. & Getoor, L. A Comparison of Bottom-Up Approaches to Grounding for Templated Markov Random Fields. SysML (2018). at <>PDF icon augustine-sysml18.pdf (624.33 KB)
Kimmig, A., Memory, A., Miller, R. J. & Getoor, L. A Collective, Probabilistic Approach to Schema Mapping Using Diverse Noisy Evidence. TKDE 31, 1426--1439 (2019).PDF icon kimming-tkde19.pdf (713.64 KB)