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Sridhar, D., Getoor, L. & Walker, M. Collective Stance Classification of Posts in Online Debate Forums. ACL Joint Workshop on Social Dynamics and Personal Attributes in Social Media (2014).PDF icon sridhar-aclws14.pdf (190.8 KB)
Sridhar, D., Pujara, J. & Getoor, L. Using Noisy Extractions to Discover Causal Knowledge. NIPS Workshop on Automated Knowledge Base Construction (2017).PDF icon sridhar-akbc17.pdf (203.34 KB)
Sridhar, D., Foulds, J., Walker, M., Huang, B. & Getoor, L. Joint Models of Disagreement and Stance in Online Debate. Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) (2015).PDF icon sridhar-acl15.pdf (227.14 KB)
Sridhar, D. & Getoor, L. Joint Probabilistic Inference of Causal Structure. KDD Workshop on CD (2016).PDF icon sridhar-cd16.pdf (204.51 KB)
Sridhar, D. & Getoor, L. Probabilistic Inference for Causal Structure Discovery. UAI Workshop on Causation (2016).PDF icon sridhar-causation16.pdf (118.31 KB)
Sridhar, D., Fakhraei, S. & Getoor, L. A Probabilistic Approach for Collective Similarity-based Drug-Drug Interaction Prediction. Bioinformatics 32, (2016).PDF icon sridhar-bioinformatics16.pdf (1.94 MB)
Sridhar, D., Foulds, J., Huang, B., Walker, M. & Getoor, L. Collective classification of stance and disagreement in online debate forums. Bay Area Machine Learning Symposium (BayLearn) (2014).
Sridhar, D., Pujara, J. & Getoor, L. Scalable Probabilistic Causal Structure Discovery. International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (2018). at <>PDF icon sridhar-ijcai18.pdf (281.32 KB)
Sridhar, D., Springer, A., Hollis, V., Whittaker, S. & Getoor, L. Estimating Causal Effects of Exercise from Mood Logging Data. ICML Workshop on CausalML (2018).PDF icon sridhar-causalml18.pdf (333.69 KB)
Sridhar, D. & Getoor, L. Estimating Causal Effects of Tone in Online Debates. IJCAI (2019).PDF icon sridhar-ijcai19.pdf (220.49 KB)