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Namata, G. Mark. Identifying Graphs from Noisy Observational Data. (2012).PDF icon namata-phdthesis.pdf (1.51 MB)
Namata, G. Mark, London, B., Getoor, L. & Huang, B. Query-driven Active Surveying for Collective Classification. Workshop on Mining and Learning with Graphs (2012).PDF icon namata-mlg12.pdf (257.49 KB)
Namata, G. Mark, Kok, S. & Getoor, L. Collective Graph Identification. ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (2011).PDF icon namata-kdd11.pdf (185.7 KB)
Namata, G. Mark, Sharara, H. & Getoor, L. Link Mining: Models, Algorithms, and Applications (Yu, J. Han Philip & Faloutsos, C.) (Springer, 2010).
Namata, G. Mark & Getoor, L. Link Prediction. Encyclopedia of Machine Learning (2010).
Namata, G. Mark & Getoor, L. A Pipeline Approach to Graph Identification. Seventh International Workshop on Mining and Learning with Graphs (2009).PDF icon namatag-mlg09.pdf (93.77 KB)
Namata, G. Mark, Sen, P., Bilgic, M. & Getoor, L. Text Mining: Classification, Clustering, and Applications (Sahami, M. & Srivastava, A.) (Taylor and Francis Group, 2009).
Namata, G. Mark & Getoor, L. Identifying Graphs From Noisy and Incomplete Data. 1st ACM SIGKDD Workshop on Knowledge Discovery from Uncertain Data (2009).PDF icon namatag-kddu09.pdf (241.7 KB)
Namata, G. Mark, Staats, B., Getoor, L. & Shneiderman, B. A Dual-View Approach to Interactive Network Visualization. ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (2007).PDF icon cikm0671-namata.pdf (376.54 KB)
Namata, G. Mark, Getoor, L. & Diehl, C. Inferring Organizational Titles in Online Communications. ICML Workshop on Statistical Network Analysis (2006).PDF icon icml2006_ExtAbst.pdf (72.39 KB)
Namata, G. Mark, London, B. & Getoor, L. Collective Graph Identification. ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data 10, 25:1–25:36 (2015).PDF icon namata-tkdd.pdf (500.96 KB)